Expert (all quests) Elf Lords

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This deck has beaten all quests on Expert, including the Balrog and both bosses of The Under-City.

How to play:

Mulligan every card in your opening hand that isn't Sailor of Lune or Hobbit Pipe.

Your goal is to get 2x Sailor of Lune into play with 2x Star Brooch on them and then utterly crush the remainer of the quest.

The Hobbit pipes are there to help find your Sailors. With the pipe you'll draw an extra card with Galadriel and with an injured Glorfindel.

The majority of the cards in the deck are events. You'll want to try to use these events as LATE as possible. Save up the events, play your Sailors, give them the Brooches and every event you play afterwards also heals 1 damage and gives +1 attack and willpower to 4 Sailor actions. Three or four events per turn will give your sailors enough stats to clear the board of enemies and hazards. Once you get to the final encounter, drop all events and finish off with Fair and Perilous x2. Getting a 32 attack 12 willpower Sailor with Stalwart can take out even dragons and Balrogs with ease.

To get to this point you'll often have to play events earlier than ideal. Knowing which event to play when is key to winning with this deck.

Githoniel! A Elbereth! and Careful planning reduce threat, so if you have 1 or 2 Hobbit pipes online, you can play these and dig for new cards. A Friend in Need and Against the Shadow can help keep your party alive against bosses or other powerful encounters a bit longer. Githoniel! A Elbereth! Back to the Dark, Pity Stayed His Hand and Seen and Unseen can take out strategic powerful enemies if you need to buy more time.

If you are still digging for the Sailors but your hand is getting full, you can also start dropping events. Better than discarding.

Sometimes desperate times call for you to drop events just so Elrond can heal your heroes so they don't get 1hit KO'ed.

Gandalf and Glamdring (or Narya) are here just to give you that final boost to the finish line if your deck and hand are empty and the Sailors cannot be boosted anymore.

Due to your heroes high willpower and ability to drop threat every turn, look for opportunities to summon the Looming Threat and stick around a few turns to draw your deck, fill the Fate meter and get your allies out.

The start with this deck seems rough. You'll take a lot of damage, can't afford to guard and you are just stting there taking it. Luckily Sauron tends to spread out damage over your heroes. Galadriel is using her ability, Elrond is clearing Hazards or filling up the Fate meter and Glorfindel is taking out the few 1 or 2 HP enemies you get. However, even with no Sailors in play, the Spirit events are capable of keeping your heroes alive for a remarkable long time. This deck should not work as well as is does.


Apr 22, 2023 Thaihdu 1