Balrog Slayers (Gandalf Unlock)

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Note: Arwen is a stand-in for Fangorn hero.

I used this deck to defeat the Balrog scenario and unlock Glamdring. Strategy is straightforward: use Dis to tank the Balrog's attacks and deal 3-4 damage on each defense. Load up all heroes and any Northern Survivors you get with Block attachments so they can withstand the Balrog's damage. Get a weapon or a Raven-winged Helm on Idraen to take out 2 of the little minions Sauron summons each turn -- Erebor Watchman with a Dwarven Axe can also help if needed.

Generally ignore the Hazard. If it exhausts Dis, use a sapling that Fangorn has summoned, Against the Shadow, or Lock Shields. If it exhausts Idraen, use Ever Vigilant or Lembas.

Whatever heros (probably Fangorn) gets Raven-winged Helm instead of a shield should take Self-Preservation. The Helm is necessary to draw aggro from the ranged minions -- it will protect Fangorn who won't take damage except from the Balrog's ability (which be countered by Self-Preservation).

On the final turn, play Gandalf and make sure to kill the Balrog with his attack (not his ability, as that won't unlock Glamdring). Traffic from Dale should help ensure you've got enough resources.

Be careful to note the threat events, which are random. There's at least one which will restore the Balrog to full health... which can get up to the 50s or higher with his ability. If the threat events are bad, reload until you get a better scenario.


Apr 22, 2023 Thaihdu 1


Apr 22, 2023 Thaihdu 1