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NMUWildcat027 1

This is my current build that was used for scoring purposes. If you just want to beat quests, this deck doesn't need Gandalf or as much healing. I have the healing in to heal everyone up to 100% before ending the scenario.

I think this game leans heavily into pink and green being the best combination. Erkenbrand with Self-Preservation and Arwen is enough to take care of most of the heavy hitters especially since the heaviest enemies tend to strike first. Guard and Watchman round out the suite of keeping the heroes clean to do the majority of the work.

I currently favor Legolas as a third hero for his direct damage even though I can tell now that I have taken almost all the red cards out of the deck. This is probably a bit better with blue as I can probably make my deck with Eowyn just as good.

I think Ithilien Lookout is a good card that people are sleeping on. I find that it can take a hit, deliver damage, and most of the time add willpower to the meter if the guards can take care of the rest.

This deck probably doesn't need the draw of the Record Keeper, but I like to get Erkenbrand set up as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to some more synergies to build around as I am pretty much stuck with this core give or take 4-6 cards.