Three Hunters (265+ on all normal quests)

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ltlukoziuz 7

Well, I've looked through achievements, and noticed the Three Hunters deck amongst them (Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas), so I decided why not, and also set out to make 250+ score with all of them (on normal, for now). Surprisingly, I expected more challenge out of this than what I got. This was the deck I used in the end

All the quests I managed to do on first try except the fourth one (Unlucky draw against Giant Slug meant I overstayed my welcome there. It was actually the first and only time I saw Mouth of Dol Guldur in game). All of them ended in 265, one I actually even managed to perfect, with the -10 being either a missed Hazard (otherwise would have lost too much on threat) or missing Health.

Key notes when playing this for score and not just for completion:

  • Hard mulligan for Guard of Citadel, and hopefully, another 1/2 cost ally. On the very first turn, you want both to establish the only damage on your heroes sparingly and to establish the board for the following turns. The Guard lets you do just that by proactively soaking two attacks (don't throw him into a four attack mob). Afterwards, Erebor Protectors and Erkenbrands will do the dirty job of Block Guarding. Speaking of Erkenbrand, if you have Resources and Actions to waste at the end of turn, when he's down to one hp, play a low coster (or if you're really rich, Gandalf would be perfect) to swap out Erken, and then play him again to "heal" him up. This is especially important on travels, as you often want to double Guard with him.
  • Shields = HEAL. Don't be afraid to swap shields on the same character - each shield is a heal, and helps you out in the end score, as you only have to be on base maximum hp by the end of it.
  • Speaking of health, count out your heals, and decide how much you can spare from your heroes. They can do an occasional guard if need be, but you only have +8 Health in your deck. The first thing I would try to change to this deck would be to add in (in this order), Raiments of War and Dunedain Gifts (Gift is a horrible card for its cost - +1 Health, a single-turn non-refreshing Stealh (unlike Sauron's stealthers), and you must play it on a ready character.).
  • I will try this a bit in Hard Mode, but I don't expect 250+ scores, only surviving and winning them. This was the only deck where I wanted to have card draw in Normal, yet your only option is Gandalf, when he already is your only Threat reducer (only twice was he used for damage).