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Jumbuck 1

Hello there! This is a deck I created that scored 250+ through Campaign 1 on Normal difficulty. This deck requires the Eowyn hero pack and an Erkenbrand purchase with Valor Points.

The main strategy of this deck is to outlast Sauron and his resources. We will utilise threat and resource reduction to buy us time to keep our units healthy on board. We can leverage our board presence to target objectives and hazards quickly to delay and restrict the snowball effect of Sauron's deck.


Erkenbrand+ Arwen + Self-Preservation

We will be setting up behind Erkenbrand for as much of the game as possible. Erkenbrand can Block AND Guard which makes him an amazing ally, especially against the plethora of low attack minions we will see early in the campaign. Block reduces 1 damage from all attacks (2s becomes 1s, 1 becomes 0 damage). One trick is to let Erkenbrand tank the first hit of the round, and then set him to Guard so he can tank a second hit. You can even Lembas to ready him for a third hit! Arwen and Self Preservation will also help with keeping Erkenbrand alive (just don't overheal with Arwen if Self Preservation is still due to proc). Also worth considering is equipping a weapon to Erkenbrand to help him with dealing more damage while guarding (e.g. Bilbo's Sword).

Unexpected Courage

This card is AMAZING! My main targets are Éowyn or Arwen. Eowyn will increase to 3 willpower after Erkenbrand tanks the first hit. Eowyn will find many opportunities to either finish a 2 health enemy minion or to clear an objective. Unexpected Courage allows her to do this AND THEN DO IT AGAIN! Doubling up on hero usage is a valuable way to use our resources.

Aragorn can also be a good target however he naturally has an ability to grant himself surge so I deem this a lower priority.

Threat and Resource Reduction

We have the ability to remove 12 + x (Careful Planning) threat to buy us enough time to set up a strong Erkenbrand and get Eowyn and Arwen building our Fate points or removing objectives as soon as they hit the board.

I always use Gandalf for threat reduction as well. Dealing three damage can be useful for stopping an incoming attack and card draw isn't really needed for this deck on Normal, so reducing threat is my number 1 pick. Gandalf can also use his 4 willpower to boost the fate pool or close an objective. Delaying the Threat Meter has multiple benefits for us. The end game is pushed back, of course, but the greater benefit is holding back the snowball that is Sauron's extra resources that land on the board. We have more time to get accrue our synergies and set up a strong board so that we can deal with threats one at a time.

I like Wandering Took early because reducing Sauron from 3 to 2 resource points can really buy you some time to set up the Erkenbrand wall.

Zigil Miner is also a fantastic resource generating card. Hot tip: with 1 resource point remaining, you can play Zigil Miner and then get your 1 resource point back by using his action once he is readied. Try to play Zigil Miner when you have control of the board and Sauron is out of resources.

One Of's

There are some "One Of's" in this deck that I am still experimenting with. If you have ideas, feel free to comment!

Beorn's Hospitality I reduced down to one copy and use this to heal a hero near end game to get a better score.

Borne Aloft is a really good card (you can pick up MORE threat reduction ;)) but I find our board is so resilient that more bodies aren't a high priority.

Guard of the Citadel While this card is very useful as a cheap blocker, I find this deck often runs out of board space. If we get synergies set up early this is a dead card in hand. May even remove the remaining copy for Erebor Record Keeper.

Secret Paths Only just put this card in the deck, and it may be overkill considering all the willpower we have access to, but is another way of nipping progress objectives in the bud.

Other cards to consider

Favor of the Lady 3 is a strong cutoff point for both attack and willpower. I found this card competed with attachment slots of Self Preservation and Unexpected Courage. Useful on Aragorn but not useful enough.

Erebor Record Keeper I like the look of this card for Hard mode especially. Requires buying another hero pack though.

Forest Snare is a cute card that can keep a non-unique enemy exhausted for a couple of turns. But if we can kill enemies quickly is it really required?

Feel free to drop some hints on how to strengthen this deck, especially for play in Hard mode (more card draw?). I enjoy the playstyle of controlling the board and doing cool things and I find this deck fits the bill. Thanks for reading this article!

EDIT: Swapped out Forest Snare for 2x Ranger's Blade. Doesn't have any other weapons to compete with. Aragorn is a great target due to surge or Unexpected Courage and Erkenbrand can double defend with 3 attack, killing more smaller minions. Following this same thought process, Gondorian Shield may also be a consideration due to no competing Armour attachments and giving Block to Aragorn gives us a back up for Guarding or alternately makes Aragorn more sturdy when attacking an enemy Guard.