Ranged Goodness

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Jumbuck 1

Hello there! Welcome to another deck guide for LotR LCG Digital! This deck aims to take advantage of all the straight up good cards that got their costs reduced in the 10th October patch. There's some absolute steals in the game now and we shall exploit as many as we can! We will use Spirit cards to control threat levels (and avoid Sauron claiming the board) and Lore cards because they are just OP right meow :D This deck is getting 250+ scores easily on Normal difficulty.

Note: this builder does not display the card changes from the 10/10 patch. Starting threat for this deck is 27, not 29. Quite a few cards have had their cost changed too.

This deck does not run Erkenbrand, Zigil Miner or anything with Guard. This means we need to consider different cards to other slower decks. We won't be accruing many resources per turn.


Heroes + Ranger Spear + Raiment of War + Unexpected Courage/Self-Preservation

Ok so this seems pretty vague but here's the thing; we need to get our heroes buffed up. They will be carrying our deck. You can see we don't have many allies at all. We need them to have high attack and we need to get them to maximise their attacks.

Faramir provides card draw to this deck. He has a ranged attack and when he defeats an enemy, draw a card. We can increase his attack power and snipe past guards to get easy kills. With Unexpected Courage he can do this twice per round. How swish is that?!

Éowyn provides some much needed willpower and, coupled with Unexpected Courage, can do work on clearing smaller troops AND clearing objectives in the same turn. So efficient!

Legolas provides a really neat ping at the start of each round. Very handy for clearing smaller pests or weakening an enemy for Faramir to Vanquish for card draw. Note: Ping is no good against Block; try to remember which enemies have Block ;)

Forest Snare This card got reduced to 1 cost! What the devil?! If you haven't used this card, get them in your deck now! You can Exhaust a non-unique enemy for the rest of the quest! This enemy does not ready up during upkeep. I like to use this on high defense enemies to take them out, but is also useful on something with high attack/Stalwart/gain resources points per attack etc.

Ithilien Lookout Another Lore card that got a cost reduction. Why?! We will never know! 1 resource point for 2 attack/2 will power. This deck needs some help against objectives and this ally is a good, solid, cheap ally. A good target for fate bonuses too.

Threat and Resource Control

This deck provides threat reduction of 6 + 1x Gandalf + 2x Careful Planning = a lot! Use it early to avoid hitting threat levels. Stop the snowball!

This deck provides healing of 12 + 1x Beorn's Hospitality + 2x Self-Preservation (which somehow got REDUCED in cost?! I don't even). We don't have any Guards in this deck so we will be taking some hero damage early. Most of our weapons/armour provide Block and we have plenty of opportunities to heal up too.

Wandering Took is useful to hamstring Sauron early. The difference between 3 and 2 resource points means Sauron can't put as much early pressure on, which gives us time to establish Faramir and Legolas.

One Of's

Some mentions for the "can we cut these?/do we need more of these?" cards:

Gandalf Probably the most obvious here. ONLY ONE GANDALF you say? I find that this deck cannot generate enough resource points to play him. He is useful for threat reduction and willpower, but he gets stuck in hand.

Borne Aloft Actually a super useful card because you can recycle your allies for more threat reduction/healing/stealing resource points. And you can trigger the ally death yourself (unlike Hearthstone secrets) which gives you control over which resource is most useful. But I found the board was often clogged and this was not often required.

Well-prepared Testing this one out to see if it has worth in halting Sauron's snowball.

Will of Steel Couples fantastically with our high attack Faramir/Legolas to give some much needed objective help. I reckon this could be a two of, but I need more Valor Points to craft a second copy (it's a Rare).

Warrior Sword Third weapon is helpful because of Unexpected Courage. Gives us a better chance to get Faramir's attack up so he can Vanquish and draw a card. Did have a cost increase but, until we get another weapon option, this is in the deck.

Star Brooch is not in this deck but may have a similar logic to Warrior Sword. We want all three heroes buffed to the max and having all of them acting twice per turn is just boss. Does compete with Self-Preservation.

For hard mode I would consider Erebor Record Keeper to improve on card draw too.

This deck does involve some hero pack purchases, so it doesn't come cheap. It's a fun deck and it has some really nice cards. The 10/10 patch had some changes that help us to boost this deck nicely. I hope you have fun with this deck and good luck!