The Angry Elf

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Iluvatar 79 13

This deck started as a thought experiment. What’s the most damage a character can deal in a single attack? 10? 20? How about 51?

So obviously I’ve come up with a deck full of Spirit and Lore cards!

I played this against “In the City of Webs” with the goal to deal as much damage to Ungoliant’s Spawn in a single attack as possible.

On standard mode I was able to deal 49 on my third attempt, but 51 is possible.

Can anyone do better than 51??

I’ve put some notes below, coded in ROT13 in case you want to puzzle it out yourself. Translate it here:

Cynl 2k Fgreare Guna Fgrry rneyl ba. Nggnpu Fgvat naq Snibhe bs gur Ynql gb Nejra. Npgvingr "Rneraqvy'f Fgne" sngr rirag naq pubbfr Jvyycbjre. Fgneg gur ynfg fgntr jvgu 2k Ybatorneq Zncznxre va cynl naq ng yrnfg 4 erfbheprf. Npgvingr rnpu Zncznxre, gnetrgvat Nejra. Nejra vf abj Nggnpx 2, Jvyycbjre 12. Cynl 4 pbcvrf bs Snve naq Crevybhf ba Nejra sbe +48 Nggnpx (lbh trg gur 2 rkgen pbcvrf ol cynlvat Fghql gur Fpebyyf svefg!) Nejra uvgf Hatbyvnag'f Fcnja sbe 51 (gur rkgen 1 pbzrf bss Fgvat). Gnfgr vg ntnva!

Gur gevpx vf gb fgevat guvatf bhg sbe ybat rabhtu gb onfvpnyyl qenj nyy bs lbhe qrpx orsber nqinapvat gb gur svany fgntr. Ba fgnaqneq qvssvphygl guvf vfa'g gbb uneq vs lbh znxr fher gb xrrc Jvyryx nebhaq. Rivy Fgbez pna ernyyl ehva guvatf, Jryy Cercnerq vf lbhe bayl qrsrapr. Qnex Fbeprel vf naablvat gbb ohg lbh pna qenj guvf bhg jvgu gur aba-rffragvny purnc riragf.


Dec 10, 2018 sudsywolf 72

Dude, I love this! This is really cool! I use a deck very similar to this as a fun way of getting super low threat by a quests end (8 is my current record), but it never occurred to me to go for the super-saiyan damage increase. Really awesome!

I figured out how just looking through all the cards and can see a (crazy) potential for getting higher than 51 so will definitely try this out when I get a chance.

Great job!

Dec 15, 2018 Iluvatar 79 13

Thanks @sudsywolf! Think I can see the potential extra now. Spring the Mapmaker back to your hand after activation. Tricky to engineer but allows potentially more. Mapmaker used to be bugged in a way that prevented that trick working but happily seems to be fixed now.

I'd be interested to see your "low threat" list. I was pondering the same sort of idea while playing this through. 8 seems like a strong target!

Dec 18, 2018 kjeld 10

Does Fair and Perilous Stack if you play it multiple times? It's not necessarily clear from the card text that it does.

Dec 20, 2018 Iluvatar 79 13

It does indeed. My understanding is that it checks Willpower and Attack value at the point of playing the card and applies the appropriate bonus. So if you played Fair and Perilous on Arwen as you first two plays you get her to 7 attack. The effects all wear off simultaneously at the end of the round.