Wolf Hunters

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King of Carrion - Challenge Mode Perfect Score 11 7 4 1.0
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This deck was inspired by @Seastan's excellent King of Carrion builds which you really should check out here: https://digital.ringsdb.com/decklist/view/49/king-of-carrion-challenge-mode-perfect-score-1.0

Goal was to build a deck that could consistently achieve 550 score playing King of Carrion on Challenge Mode without access to the healing power of Lore or the threat management of Spirit.

Came up with a "Three Hunters" build. The problem with such builds up to now has been a lack of willpower to fill up the fate bar and clear objectives. Recent additions to the cardpool Northern Survivor and Helpful Squire change that dramatically.

Results surpassed my expectations. It needs careful piloting but once figured out I've been able to achieve perfect score on Challenge Mode on seven consecutive attempts.

This deck will never be as consistent at perfect scores as @Seastan's lists because of the lack of available card draw. Plus the fact we are on something of clock with the threat bar. I've found you typically need to find one copy of Gandalf to hit the threat threshold - and there will be games where you just don't draw him. Even without perfection, scores of 520+ are very achievable.

Some notes on play:

  • You need to finish on 38 threat or less to achieve maximum
  • Not sure on exact threshold for health scoring but 26 remaining (81%) is 80 points; 23 remaining (71%) is 70 points.
  • Good cards for the opening hand are: Feint, Lock Shields, Dwarven Axe and one of Northern Survivor/Helpful Squire. Erebor Watchman is not bad. Anything else I would mulligan.
  • In the early going activating Aragorn's power every turn is almost a must. You need his willpower.
  • If things are going right you will clear Black Frost in a single round. Two at most. If you've never played Mighty Warrior and/or Ever Vigilant on Helpful Squire you've never lived!