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ransomman 12

I'm publishing this deck in response to the recent steam forum post about how hard "We Must Away" is as a quest. I think this quest has been the toughest of the core set quests so far, even in all of the games many iterations. This deck may become obsolete but for now it works very well for getting through this quest on Adventure mode.

First Location

The general strategy for the first location is to gain board control and try not to put too many actions into fighting the slug until after the first Threat event (the one that completely heals the slug!). That being said you may want to hit him once or Guard with a character so that he gets damaged a little. You really want that threat event to heal him something, you dont want it to spawn another enemy to deal with. During the opening turns of the game you'll want to utilize Tom's ability in order to waste sauron's attacks, play your preparations to waste his actions, and fate up whenever possible. Star Brooch is great on either Eowyn or Arwen, though I'd focus on Eowyn first. A WORD OF WARNING: Currently, Star Brooch does not work with Tom Took; he exhausts when you use his power. period. I really hope they fix this interaction so that Tom can rock the Brooch. Anyway, once the first threat event happens you hopefully have a few Allies out, or Sting on Eowyn (which virtually raises her attack to 4 during this quest since most of the enemies are orcs), or both; then you can take down the slug asap.

Second location

This is where that fate you've built up shines. You'll need it to reduce that timer to 3 asap. You'll need it to heal as well because why not. Tom + A Friend in Need + Study the Scrolls will help fend off the onslaught of enemies. Then, you can return fire with Eowyn and your Ithilien Lookouts and whatever other allies you got. Once the timed objective is up i usually try to wait until Sauron has very little resources left and all enemies are exhausted in order to travel. OPTIONAL: If you dare, and if your threat is getting high (since youve been turtling a bit), then you can let the Threat event baddies come out during this location with the hope that you can exhaust them and travel without them. This way, you wont have to worry about them for the third location.

Third Location

By now you hopefully have a ton of willpower Allies out. You just have to reduce Gollum to 2, probably with Eowyn, and then you can use all of that willpower to free Bilbo and boom goes the dynamite!


Jan 15, 2019 Iluvatar 79 14

Really like this - nice write up. A suggestion for you is Fair and Perilous. Gets Arwen to 4 Attack to help you take down slug in fewer attacks. Not a dead draw later on as it also helps against Gollum or just an annoying enemy you want rid of.

There is even a hilarious opening hand combo of Star Brooch + Fair and Perilous + Study the Scrolls which can muster enough damage to kill slug on turn 1! Although you're probably much better off waiting...