Let's Hunt Wolves

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The King of Carrion challenge requires high attack power, a lot of willpower, healing, and the ability to lessen the threat. Because of this he is a heavy challenge. The darlings for this task are Arwen-Gimli-Éowyn.

But where is the fun if we always do the same? So I present this deck Let's Hunt Wolves.

The goal? Fun! Can this deck withstand the difficulty?

We will see: The union of the Sword of Numenor card with Faramir is powerful because, while he, by eliminating an enemy draw 1 card, also gains a resource.

Lore's healing cards were added to replace Arwen.

The necessary Willpower is supplied mainly by the cards: East Road Rider, Northern Survivor, Imladris Caregiver, Trollshaw Scout, Aragorn's power and, of course, Gandalf.

Lastly, you want attack power? Dwalin! Yes. Dwalin. He who starts with 3 attack can reach 5 using Sword of Númenor and Raven-winged Helm. But after the second part, with the entry of Radagast he gets 6 attack, and can eliminate any enemy that comes into play. And with the help of the card Khazâd ai-mênu! can reach 9 in one attack (a heavy blow in Mordaur).

Do you think this deck could be better? How could it be adapted for multiplayer mode? Comment what do you think?

P.S .: Sorry if my English is not the best. I do not speak the language very well.


Feb 16, 2019 Iluvatar 79 13

Nice! I have a similar deck (happy to share it if you want to compare!) and it is both effective and fun.

My suggestion for you is to put in more readying effects such as Escort from Edoras or Ever Vigilant. You might even consider the little-played Common Cause. Getting multiple uses in a single turn out of Faramir + Sword of Numenor, a massive strength Dwalin, or Gandalf gives me a warm fuzzy feeling...

PS. Your English is excellent.

Feb 17, 2019 M4RCS 2

Excelent idea, Iluvatar! I'll try. And I'd be happy to see your similar deck. Thanks.