Dwalin's in a Good Spot

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gandalfDK 2

This deck was built when Dwalin was still in a bad spot where you had to get him below 5 hitpoints to gain the boosts to his stats. It was built for the purpose of getting max score and thus the VP unlock for each quest. Therefore, it includes many healing effects, the best being our hero Arwen. Lembas can be used to good effect on both Dwalin and Eowyn, moreso now that Dwalin gets his boosts from being above 5 hitpoints. Ranger Bow is to go on Dwalin, so you can nullify Guard on the Enemy. Raven-winged Helm can go on Dwalin or Eowyn, but since Dwalin is buffed already, I usually equip it on Eowyn. This also helps with Unexpected Courage, where she can first take out an enemy and then go for questing or Fate up. Then there is just a bunch of good, cheap allies you need to keep your heroes from harm. Erkenbrand is the one you are looking for, Gaining Strength will help you pay for him as well. A general well-balanced fun deck, but not too strong. It could probably do with a better hero or Tactics instead of Lore.