Heavy Reinforcements

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unkarsthug 25

This is an updated version of my Reinforcements deck. It's not the best deck out there, and still needs work, but it's pretty fun. The goal of the deck is to use Reinforcements to pull out the big minions in your deck, like Trollshaw Scout, or Warden of Annúminas. Sword of Numenor is for Aragorn, as it basically pays for his ability, and still makes you money due to using it several times a turn. Snare is for whatever big non-unique the scenario has. First Gandalf doesn't have to have Narya, but you should save the second.

Butterbur is Guardian of Arnor.

Sideboard: Feel free to sub in a Favor of the Valar for the Khazâd ai-mênu! if you feel that threat is a problem. It's never been for me, and I think that Khazâd ai-mênu! is better as a bosskiller card, especially with Ever Vigilant. Gaining Strength is probably going to be subbed for something else, I'm just not sure what yet.