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Valdushorn 1

First, I think more people should use the sideboard when building decks. It is extremely helpful for making small tweaks over time and trying new things to see what works best.

This Deck's strengths are using Faramir's card draw and access to the heal cards while still playing a ranged damage dealing player, the blue decks stalwart Star Brooch, and threat management, and the increased willpower of the allies in this deck over ones you would play from the purple (leadership) deck.

The decks weakness is the lack of guards from the leadership deck, and the tempo lost trying to get all of your attachments on. I have a version of this deck with Aragorn instead of Gimli and I am still trying to decide which one I like better. What I am hoping to figure out is which one of these works best for each situation or quest.

The key to this deck is to get one Veteran Axehand filled up with attachments as well as your heroes. Proper placement of Star Brooch and Unexpected Courage are important as well. You want to get stalwart on Gimli. Unexpected Courage works well on Faramir or Éowyn because they are finishing things all the time anyway. If you are on a quest that doesn't need as much willpower and you have an Veteran Axehand all tuned up put the last stalwart/courage on your axehand instead of Éowyn.

Faramir also makes the deck excellent for Multiplayer. I wont play multiplayer without Faramir now.

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