The Fury of Charisma

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gandalfDK 2

Focusses mainly on the strength of Leadership to pump out some of the strongest allies in the game right now. The cost curve is kept low, as you should always aim for in the DCG. Resources are few and you need bodies asap in most quests to take the damage otherwise thrown at your heroes. Guard of the Citadel is the perfect ally for this, but Erebor Watchman or a perfectly timed Escort from Edoras will get you there as well. Once you have your 4th hero Erkenbrand on the table, you are solid. Sword of Numenor is one of the best attack boosting attachments in the game, which should go on Aragorn. If you are not playing co-op, then Dwalin is the next best attachment. Raven-winged Helm can go on anyone, but Sauron tends to attack low HP units/heroes, so Arwen can be good to keep her a bit safer. Or put it on the character you guard with the most. Its Armour so can be combined with a Sword to get some really beefy stats.

Khazâd ai-mênu is just a fun card that can be really strong. Gaining Strength gives you a card for a surge with Aragorn, or can be played in the off-time when Sauron passes to get Gandalf in, for example. Gandalf is the only threat reduction, so make sure your partner brings most of that to the table. Sneak Attack is an obvious fun card and gives you a body in a pinch. Reinforcements is a really strong 2-Leadership Hero card that helps you thin your deck for a similar cost as of most allies, but can even get you a more expensive one, strong!

Some obvious healing included, but the strongest is there in hero form.