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Pirkavlinho 2

Best starting round so far looks like Gaining Strength followed by Erkenbrand. Always keep both Gaining Strength and Erkenbrand of course in your starting hand, then look for cheap cards like the (spirit) attachments which are really good indeed with priority going to Faramir so you can have up to 3 cards drawn per turn. Unexpected Courage can best fit to Faramir as you mostly look to take a kill with him so Star Brooch goes to someone else, dont hesitate to buff your allies with any of your attachments. Self-Preservation fits perfectly on Erkenbrand making him a really good tank for your whole game. I mostly prefer Beorn's Hospitality to Lembas but I guess you can try a different combinations of these 2 cards with +1/-1 replacements.

SideDeck: +1/-1 Zigil Miner , -1Narya, -1 Ithilien, +1 Longbeard Mapmaker, +1 Well-Prepared, +1/-1 Careful Planning( Im actually looking to replace that with the new threat removing attachment coming up with the new expansion)

I wrote this quide pretty quickly so feel free to ask for further details or information and of course provide with any further ideas or replacents, this deck was able to go through all of the Quests in challenging difficulty awarding 500+ points ( 550 lot of times).


Mar 14, 2019 Pirkavlinho 2

After the new campaign I replaced Eowyn with Glorfindel and it seems to work well, also trying the threat removing attachment in place of Careful Planning

Mar 16, 2019 Iluvatar 79 13

Nice work. I like the idea of loading up every single character with attachments and going to town.

As a threat reduction option I've found A Watchful Peace to be more reliable than Careful Planning. You might get a couple extra out of Careful Planning but if Sauron doesn't play an event when you want it can be problem. Usually you're playing one of these to avoid a threat event.

Of course if you go the Glorfindel route you never need to worry about threat again!

Mar 19, 2019 Pirkavlinho 2

Yeah after the release of the New Expansion I switched Éowyn with Glorfindel and seems to work great and also replaced Careful Planning with Ever My Heart Rises , threat doesnt seem to be a problem anymore. Even Ever My Heart Rises doesnt seem to be a must if you run Glorfindel probably able to replace it with something else. I was able to hit 550 one each new quest on challenge pretty easily with these 2 replacements.