Guardians of the North

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kjeld 17

A deck featuring the Dunedain trait, making use of the new Dúnedain Hunter, Legacy of the North, and Ranger Cloak to build up a strong board state that can handle anything Sauron throws at you.

Depending on the scenario, mulligan for Ranger Cloak (for Aragorn), a Northern Survivor if you need early willpower, or Dúnedain Hunter if Sauron's deck on Location 1 doesn't have too many nasty non-unique enemies (true for many Location 1s). Helpful Squire is a back-up if you don't find a Survivor.

Get the Cloak on Aragorn as quickly as possible and he can pump 6 willpower into Fate or Objectives each turn. With a Northern Survivor in play as well, your willpower () needs should be taken care of.

Next, get a weapon on Idraen so she can take max advantage of her ability. Preferably you want a Ranger Spear though a Bow of the Galadhrim also would work if you prefer Ranged to Block (see sideboard). A Warrior Sword or Raven-winged Helm can also achieve the same goal of 3 .

At this point it's worth trying to get a Fornost Bowman in play and powered up, especially if you have a spare attack-boosting attachment.

Elven Blade is for Legolas, obviously, but he also can take a second Ranger Spear or any other weapon. Enduring Valor is situational -- certainly it works well on Aragorn or Idraen once they have block, but don't be afraid to put one on a hardy ally like a Dúnedain Hunter to provide some additional insurance.

Legacy of the North and later Traffic from Dale should take care of your resource needs, allowing for late-game Gandalf, Erkenbrand, Warden of Annúminas, etc.