Revealed in Wrath

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Iluvatar 79 13

As I'm sure everyone has noticed by now, Glorfindel is absurdly powerful. Keeping damage off him is not difficult at all and taking the threat bar completely out of the game really limits what Sauron can do to you. It also allows contstant stalling allowing you to build up and/or heal whenever you need to.

This deck waded through all the quests on challenge mode scoring 550 with the outcome rarely in doubt.

I chose Arwen and Legolas as the heroes for no other reason that they are all elves. I think you could probably achieve a similar result with any other heroes as long as you pack in some repeatable healing effects and some allies who can help beat down the enemies.

Imladris Minstrel is a pretty important component. Over the course of a game she will heal a lot of damage. Just need to take care of her and you probably don't want to drop her too early on.

I particularly like the combination of her with Veteran of Nanduhirion. That's a team I can see working in a lot of decks.


Mar 19, 2019 Pirkavlinho 2

What about Unexpected Courage i find it pretty good especially on 1st rounds as you can play it for free and help you clean the starting boards before you get set up.

Mar 20, 2019 Iluvatar 79 13

I certain wouldn't argue with anyone who wanted to put it in - it would be a very good choice. It didn't quite make my cut because I already had three special attachments in there and I personally prefer the more versatile Star Brooch.

Veteran of Nanduhirion and Westfold Outrider help deal with the opening board quite effectively. Both are certain keepers on the opening hand.