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sudsywolf 151

Well, here it is... the sequel... Toss the Dwarf: Electric Boogaloo, Return to the Rise of the Toss the Dwarf, Toss the Dwarfs: Reckoning/Retribution/Revenge, 2 Toss 2 Dwarf, Toss the Dwarf: There and back again... you get the idea.

This is the most current list as of the release of The Shadow's Fall campaign, the listiest of lists and I'm highly confident that it can handle every quest on Adventure and Challenge mode, even on a bad day. It is essentially a pile of all the good stuff from Tactics, Lore & Spirit, and the best new addition is 1000% the new MVP Imladris Minstrel. If you haven't had a chance to try the original deck, it's a very attachment heavy deck, and relies on getting Gimli geared up to murder any combat threat while Eowyn takes care of willpower stuff and Faramir draws the deck... seems simple enough. Star Brooch is a very important card for this deck, and should go on both Gimli and Eowyn.

Key allies include Longbeard Mapmaker to boost Eowyn's contribution (if she has Star Brooch, she have gain/apply 10 per round). Westfold Outrider is an amazing cheap card for 1 resource and can apply 4 damage the turn it's play while also taking the heat off of your heroes. There's also plenty of threat reduction here (shut up Glorindel'ites) to keep those threat events as bay.

Q: With the new Spirit Hero Glorfindel, why no Glorfindel?... Glorfindell!!!

First of all, shhhhhhhh! Secondly, it really comes down to one simple thing... the additional that Eowyn has easy access to feels far more relevant than Dorkindell's bonuses. Being able to deal with the 3cost hazards is very important and means that I don't have to exhaust more characters. Don't get me wrong though, Glorf seems very strong and you can totally run him if oyu prefer (nerd!), but I feel that some people are overvaluing the threat reduction aspect to him. Threat reduction, while important, does nothing on it's own to win games... kinda like Lifegain from MtG

Opening Hand? Absoultely Star Brooch! Dwarven Axe is fantastic for getting Gimli online, plus any low cost allies like Galadriel's Handmaiden and Westfold Outrider.

NOTE: Sideboard is the Multplayer list and includes some changes that are better suited to co-op play, such as Tom Bombadil who is a very important card for dealing with the increased health on enemy cards.

The cards here are more or less optional, but the best cuts are probably cutting Narya, Fornost Bowman and a copy of Ranger Spear to get both copies of Tom Bombadil and Gilthoniel! A Elbereth!. The Round Shields are more-or-less optional.

Finally, good luck, have fun!


Apr 03, 2019 comsolut 7

Excellent deck. Works great at Narrative difficulty. Only issues are not needing Self-Preservation at that level and not really needing Ranger Spear. Will change out for Tom and Gilthoniel. Thanks for the updated deck!