The Sudden Squad

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sudsywolf 151

Here's an interesting deck! For all intents and purposes, this is a new Reinforcements list, but with the added flavor of Hobbits from Raise the Shire.

I've always had a natural attraction to cards that can create a entire archetype around them, cards that often need to be built around to really shine. Reinforcements is exactly that kind of card, and because of that, there are no ally cards in this deck that cost less that two, which means that every time you play the card, you are getting more value in return. The best case scenario is to have Reinforcements drop down a Guardian of Arnor, but of course can be used to plonk down a Northern Survivor for additional willpower gain, or the amazing new Imladris Minstrel. Also possible in the single copy of Erebor Record Keeper for additional card draw. It may seem weird that most of the allies in this deck are 2 cost rather that shoving tonnes more 3 or 4 cost. I wanted to get rid of the chaff (Trollshaw Scout and Warden of Anuminas) and keep only allies that are valuable for the deck itself so to make sure the deck is consistent.

Reinforcements is definitely the key card here, but that's not to take away from Raise the Shire. While is doesn't have the same oomph, it can still grab you a copy of Farmer Maggot, the new Hobbit Bounder or Curious Brandybuck, all cards that would normally cost 3 or 4, for the low low price of 2 resources. Of course it can also whiff really bad if you get Wandering Took.

Both Reinforcements and Raise the Shire mean that you can quickly build an army very quickly (hence the name), or a finely-tuned machine with Guardian of Arnor protecting party and Imladris Minstrel giving him a healing hand. Weaponizing both these cards even further is two copies of Study the Scrolls which can recur either of the cards for a third (or fourth) copy.

The deck is also loaded with tonnes of good attachments with the trifecta of Sword of Numenor, Raven-winged Helm and Gondorian Shield. The latter of which is fantastic on Guardian of Arnor to assist in his survivability... no joke, I've had this dude at 10 health which made him essentially a fourth hero. Another super nice addition to this deck is the Ranger Cloak. It has two really good targets in both Aragorn and the Guardian of Arnor (both Dunedain traited), boosting both health and (most notably) willpower.

So how did it go? So far, pretty well. It has consistently achieved 500+ score on both Adventure and Challenge modes for all the new quests in The Shadow's Fall EXCEPT Escape from Dol Guldur. The deck isn't the most powerful or optimised deck out there, but it works well and it definitely a fun deck to try as Reinforcements is such a fun card to play on its own.

An opening hand should include a copy of Reinforcements and, ideally, Study the Scrolls for recursion (this will allow 2x Reinforcements on the first turn).


Mar 24, 2019 Iluvatar 79 13

I applaud your use of Raise the Shire! I'd mentally filed that one away for future use owing to lack of hobbits. Hadn't appreciated it could fetch Farmer Maggot. You've convinced be it's actually not too bad!

Mar 29, 2019 Salomon Jausenbrot 1

I just played some szenarios. Worked out fine! Every time nearly high score

Mar 29, 2019 sudsywolf 151

@Iluvatar 79 Haha, it's a very interesting card to me because I can't tell if it'll get better with time or worse. Right now the odds of pulling a higher value card is higher and with more cheaper hobbits to come, it may dilute in worth.

@Salomon Jausenbrot Awesome! Very happy it performed well for you. Thanks for taking the time to comment, much appreciated :D