Action Advantage

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kjeld 10

A control deck built on the inherent action advantage of Idraen and the staples Star Brooch and Unexpected Courage.

The idea is to have enough actions available to play most of your turn after Sauron has already passed. Faramir plus Imladris Minstrel take care of your card draw and healing needs, while Glorfindel's insanely powerful threat reduction will let you squat on an easy location until you're ready to travel. A Watchful Peace is there to give you some breathing space on Location-specific Threat events. If you find you don't need it, there are some nice event in the Sideboard that can tech against certain scenarios (Will of Steel and Ride Them Down!).

In terms of attachments, the first Star Brooch almost always goes on Glorfindel. I generally save Unexpected Courage for Faramir, especially once he's got Sting. Ranger Spear is for Idraen. The nice thing about this deck is that many of the allies are worth boosting through attachments. Imladris Minstrel is a good target for your second Elven Blade (after Glorfindel), to keep her alive and give her combat flexibility. The second Star Brooch should usually go on a Rhovanion Outrider -- insane question potential there. If you don't like this particular mix of attachments, the Sideboard provides some good alternatives with more Block through extra shields and a Warrior Sword if you want to replace one of the Elven Blades for slightly cheaper start.

Generally mulligan for Star Brooch and Unexpected Courage. Veteran of Nanduhirion and/or Westfold Outrider can help get you through early combat rounds. If you need heavier up-front questing, aim instead for Rhovanion Outrider or Ithilien Lookout in a pinch. I find that the Imladris Minstrel is usually not needed until mid-game, when she becomes crucial.