The B-Team

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kjeld 36

Arwen + Gimli + Tom Took is, I think, hands down the strongest hero lineup with the current card availability (with possible exception subbing Aragorn for Gimli). I call them my A-Team. This, then, is the B-Team... but never fear, for even these over-shadowed heroes are not to be taken lightly! Together, they can easily score you 3 palantirs on every quest.

Foregoing is slightly tougher because you lose access to allies with the valuable Guard keyword. As such, you'll need to tank the first round with your heroes until you get some allies out. Fortunately, you have good healing options here from the sphere so you should recover quickly.

Once you get some decent defenders out, especially the Veteran Axehand and the Ithilien Lookout, Faramir, Legolas, and Eowyn should rip through any remaining enemies with action advantage from . Use the Galadhon Archers to help bring big enemies within one-hit range, and they make a decent chump blocker (set them to Guard) as a safety valve.

Plenty of threat reduction here and a little bit of cancellation to buy you extra time. With your strong willpower in and , you should also be able to blast through hazards and rack up Fate points easily. For some quests, you may want to sub in Ghân-buri-Ghân and an extra Forest Snare.