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fourthdb 1

I haven't used this deck yet but I think it is pretty straight forward. I have Dwalin in here instead of Dain or Aragorn mainly because of the 10 threat instead of 11 with Aragorn and Dwalin starts with 3 attk same as Dain.

Gaining Strength and Erkenbrand or Guardian of Arnor are pretty essential for the starting hand to get a strong ally out.

Should be able to battle really well as well as quest decently.

Narya should go on your 2nd Gandalf if possible to maximize threat reduction.

There are a lot of options for your attachments. I would focus first on buffing Erkenbrand or Guardian of Arnor so that they can tank hits.

UPDATE: I played this on the first quest. It plays well. Especially once you get Minstrel going with all of the low HP enemies coming at you.