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felswrath 32

This is pretty much the most OP deck of all time. 550 on every quest, all but one on the first try.

Glorfindel is absolutely nuts. keep him from taking damage so you can hover at the same threat the entire game. Spirit sphere allows you access to re-readying which is great on Arewen for 6 willpower a turn and Legolas for double ranged attacks. Glorfindel let’s you turtle until you build up board state and resources without incurring the looming threat.

Legolas is a great attacker put all the weapons on him. Tactics sphere allows staples like Feint and Raiment of War. Some great, cheap attacking allies in there that Arwen and Co. can help keep alive.

Arwen is a willpower powerhouse. She allows you access to the Lore sphere which has bonkers card draw and healing.



Apr 09, 2019 Falco406 1

hey there, I am new to the game and was curious if you could explain your sideboard? How does that work, etc?

Apr 09, 2019 felswrath 32

Sideboards aren’t a part of your main deck. You substitute them in and out of your deck to best suit the quest(s) at hand. I mostly just threw overall good cards in there, cheap weapons, healing, card draw, etc. no need for threat reduction because Glorfindel. Does that help?

Apr 09, 2019 Falco406 1

@felswrathyes! That is super helpful, thanks for the reply :).

Apr 13, 2019 Falco406 1

This deck is money. I only ever had trouble when I couldn't draw into Narya. It sort of slowed me down a little as I didn't want to play Gandalf until i had both in hand. Other than that, I was able to get 540-550 consistently. The 10 point loss was usually due to me either not completing enough hazards or hero health being low. Thanks again for sharing this!

Apr 16, 2019 Matko1986 19

Thanks for inspiration, a i did every quest in game for now with it, most for 550, i only do some little changes.... i discard both Veteran of Nanduhirion and replace one Raiment of war for two Wandering Tooks (cause i didnt have two RoW), and it works pretty good for control saurons money, and i use only one Narya, i think it is enough and replace second for East road rider for some optional hazards, and for fullfil i get there Westfold Outrider, good to kill some small bats, rats, etc.....

Apr 16, 2019 xgauge 1

Being able to mitigate threat, gain 2 health back (IM and Arwen), and deal 1 dmg to an enemy at the start of every turn is INSANE. I don't think i've ever lost a hero using variations of this deck. Really OP but super fun to play with.

Apr 27, 2019 guybrush 1

Glorfindel got nerfed but he is still OP imho. I replaced Self-preservation with Enduring Valor, so Glorfindel becomes the main tank.

The Gandalf+Narya combo isn't really needed. If you get your Guarding+Healing combo out, you can just camp every location. Gandalf is nice to reduce threat if you get unlucky with treacheries or to draw cars in need though.

This deck kinda trivialises everything, Glorfindel will get the nerf bat again.