Ally. Cost: 4. 0   2   6  


Block. Guard

Valor Cards #1. Leadership.


The single best card in the game at the moment. Guard is the best keyword in the game. Having it natively is huge, allowing a character to Guard twice. Add block to that and that he smacks for 2 points back means he's doing 4 damage a turn and taking 2 less (also while forcing opponent attacks). Give him +1 or +2 damage with weapons and Erkenbrand becomes even more of a house, doing 6 to 8 damage a turn and taking damage away from your heroes to help with max score.

I love dropping this dork turn 1 with Gaining Strength and watch him own the board.

Jinsaku 52
Erkenbrand is a loser, Just wait till Boromir comes out. Point — AKrafty 1