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Helpers (Gundabad Awoken - challenge mode)

@Seastanthank you for info, i will check that docs

Aug 20, 2019 Matko1986 15

Star Power

nice simple and functional deck... good description.. but A Good Deed would be nice there also,i know that it is special slot too, but i think it is worth, and i prefer Galadriel's Handmaiden to A Watchful...

Aug 13, 2019 Matko1986 15

Chrabrý Aragorn

aha, tak ten sword som si nevšimol to obmedzenie, škoda, ten by sa tam pekne hodil

Jul 10, 2019 Matko1986 15

Stubborn Dwarves

@fourthdb those decks do sound like a good multiplayer pairing. Seems like a lot of fun! I don't get to play very often these days, but we should try and make that happen. And I agree Gaining Strength probably isn't necessary. Maybe Imladris Caregiver or the Dwarven Warriors would...

Apr 29, 2019 AeroEng42 22


Glorfindel got nerfed but he is still OP imho. I replaced Self-preservation with Enduring Valor, so Glorfindel becomes the main tank.

The Gandalf+Narya combo isn't really needed. If you get your Guarding+Healing combo out, you can just camp every location. Gandalf is nice to reduce...

Apr 27, 2019 guybrush 1

Toss the Dwarf v2

Excellent deck. Works great at Narrative difficulty. Only issues are not needing Self-Preservation at that level and not really needing Ranger Spear. Will change out for Tom and Gilthoniel. Thanks for the updated deck!

Apr 03, 2019 comsolut 7

Never trust an elf II

Why bother with Feint, Get the Orcs!, and Sneak Attack? Like most events, they're dramatically underpowered. It seems you would get a lot more utility out of Lock Shields and...

Mar 31, 2019 kjeld 17