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Coop Challange Mode ~all around deck~

Carried me and my partner from Shadows Reach to Witch Kings Grasp. But I still need to try last quest, The Under City, from last campaign.

Jan 21, 2020 Mr.Socrates 13

Volley Volley Oxen Free (Direct Damage Deck)

Nice deck, works very well at the first try. I'll give you more feedback asap

Jan 07, 2020 sasha_80_ 3

Helpers (Gundabad Awoken - challenge mode)

@Seastan i would like to ask you about update this deckbuilder (new cards) thank you :)

Jan 02, 2020 Matko1986 19

Westfold Outrider

The Westfold Outrider is a nifty little tool for gaining board dominance in the early game. For 1 Resource, you get a 3 body that can deal up to 4 damage through its ability and attack. It's very satisfying to bring him in against a ≤2...

Dec 31, 2019 Donbot 4

Fornost Bowman

Just got the game and I didn't realized that he used to cost 3 resources. Yikes! Compare that to the Fornost Avenger, which is 3 cost 3 4 (with Surge to boot). 3 cost for Fornost Bowman would have...

Dec 27, 2019 Donbot 4

Back to the Dark

This event is awesome. Especially for multiplayer, if you play some support role (for example Arwen + Éowyn + Glorfindel)

Very strong event which can be use in combo with

Dec 16, 2019 Matko1986 19

Fornost Bowman

I have tried this ally a couple of times. He is not as bad as he seems. If you are able to reach 4 , then you will not have any problems with enemies and you can one shot many smaller minions (in single mode). Ranged keyword is nice bonus, which can be used...

Dec 13, 2019 Matko1986 19