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Love Triangle

Dang MOL is submitting decks!

Sep 13, 2018 shoreless 1

Tom's Sniper School

The theme is ranged, which is why it's a bit overkill on those related cards. Man of Dale did surprisingly well for me the first two quests, both as a chump blockers and mitigating enemy guard when they stayed on the board.

I actually used...

Sep 12, 2018 En9a9e 3


This card is quite powerful in my opinion. The ability to cheat out expensive allies for 2 resources is very good. However, it is currently held back by 3 things.

The first thing is the words "non unique", meaning, unfortunately, you can't cheat out erkenbrand, or any of the other...

Sep 12, 2018 unkarsthug 15

Block/Guard Point Deck

Your write up is a good as the deck :)

Agree on most points. I'm hoping Stealth or some other keyword will let you quest through Guard, otherwise pure questing/sneak decks are never going to be viable.

Sep 12, 2018 shoreless 1


@Seastan I'm aware it's possible and people have done it, but arwen makes it almost easy.

Sep 11, 2018 unkarsthug 15


The single best card in the game at the moment. Guard is the best keyword in the game. Having it natively is huge, allowing a character to Guard twice. Add block to that and that he smacks for 2 points back means he's doing 4 damage a turn and taking 2 less (also while forcing opponent...

Sep 11, 2018 Jinsaku 24


Arwen is the best hero in the game for getting max score, as there isn't a lot of healing in the game at the moment. Her 3 willpower powers fates and her heal is worth 12-18 healing per game. Without her, it's challenging to have your guys healthy enough at the end of game to get the max score...

Sep 11, 2018 Jinsaku 24

Upkeep Delight

@unkarsthug It may partially add up to play styles, but yes I find guard to be extremely worth it. I use it for a few situations:

1) It keeps healing pressure off of my heroes and makes sure that I am able to use the stats of my allies...

Sep 11, 2018 McDog3 1