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Being able to mitigate threat, gain 2 health back (IM and Arwen), and deal 1 dmg to an enemy at the start of every turn is INSANE. I don't think i've ever lost a hero using variations of this deck. Really OP but super fun to play with.

Apr 16, 2019 xgauge 1

Toss the Dwarf v2

Excellent deck. Works great at Narrative difficulty. Only issues are not needing Self-Preservation at that level and not really needing Ranger Spear. Will change out for Tom and Gilthoniel. Thanks for the updated deck!

Apr 03, 2019 comsolut 1

Stubborn Dwarves

I have a dwarf deck that uses Gimli instead of Faramir. Your deck gives more health and questing while mine is more about killing. I would like to see these work together in multiplayer.

For your deck I would consider taking out...

Apr 01, 2019 fourthdb 1

Never trust an elf II

Why bother with Feint, Get the Orcs!, and Sneak Attack? Like most events, they're dramatically underpowered. It seems you would get a lot more utility out of Lock Shields and...

Mar 31, 2019 kjeld 10

Never trust an elf

Just what @Rusticatorsaid. Array a large number of allies and synergies between Dwalin, Gimli, attachments make you end up quickly with two very angry and beefed 6 attack - 2/1 defence with Block Dwarves. Very nifty :)

Mar 30, 2019 Holy_Rage 1

The Sudden Squad

@Iluvatar 79 Haha, it's a very interesting card to me because I can't tell if it'll get better with time or worse. Right now the odds of pulling a higher value card is higher and with more cheaper hobbits to come, it may dilute in worth.


Mar 29, 2019 sudsywolf 64

Tactic only!

Yes the willpower is a problem and some quests can be problematic in solo, but often you are so big that you have all the time to manage threats killing enemies as soon as they come in play

Mar 23, 2019 sasha_80_ 2

Revealed in Wrath

I certain wouldn't argue with anyone who wanted to put it in - it would be a very good choice. It didn't quite make my cut because I already had three special attachments in there and I personally prefer the more versatile Star Brooch.


Mar 20, 2019 Iluvatar 79 13