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No Need To Rush On Expert Mode

@Whyysobritish, does "glamdring" exists in the digital game?

Jul 12, 2021 astsu 1

Boromir! Faramir!


Jun 22, 2021 GreenWizard 1

Balrog Dwarves

How strong is this deck you may ask? It can do Gundabad solo on Expert difficulty!

(Watch it do that here: www.youtube.com)

No really, I actually pulled it off! The only change I made was replacing Armor of Erebor...

May 08, 2021 KingsKnightTwitch 65

Red Green Superheroes

Watch Red Green Superheroes take on the Balrog here (https://youtu.be/ufouzc7krGU?t=3107)

Apr 11, 2021 KingsKnightTwitch 65

Beating the new quest on expert with Gandalf

Indeed. I also realized I added the wrong ring

The original intent was to build the deck with Dain to grind for the Gandalf steam challenge. Dis is better in basically every way

I replaced the miners with shire and one shirt for self-preservation. But lumbus might probably...

Mar 14, 2021 petercheungjr 1

Best Balanced Team (in my opinion) - patch2.0

Sounds good, this deck is still applicable.

You can migrate Gandalf + Glamdring into the mix nowadays too if you want.

Mar 13, 2021 Mike467 (PSN) 20

Green Gandalf Lore (Single Player Event Deck)

Yeah it’s tough to run a robust mono-Lore setup.

We really could use Beravor (hint hint..)

Feb 22, 2021 Mike467 (PSN) 20

Dwarf Attack (Quickplay)

for Hazards there's Gandalf, Quickbea, and NorthSurvivor... and I made this deck for casual fun, so great for easy events, haven't tried it for expert.

Feb 22, 2021 dexl 2