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Revealed in Wrath

I certain wouldn't argue with anyone who wanted to put it in - it would be a very good choice. It didn't quite make my cut because I already had three special attachments in there and I personally prefer the more versatile Star Brooch.


Mar 20, 2019 Iluvatar 79 12

My Best So Far

Yeah after the release of the New Expansion I switched Éowyn with Glorfindel and seems to work great and also replaced Careful Planning with Ever My Heart Rises , threat doesnt seem to...

Mar 19, 2019 Pirkavlinho 2

Stubborn Dwarves

Thanks @Jinsaku! Glad it worked well for you and that you had fun playing the deck:-)

Mar 16, 2019 AeroEng42 4

Tactic only!

Have you tried this on solo? I suspect the triple tactics decks really suffer from a lack of willpower on solo but will be really good in multiplayer.

Haven't tried it yet though so curious to hear your results.

Mar 16, 2019 Iluvatar 79 12

Ultra Heal

Here's a video of this deck in action: youtu.be

Mar 12, 2019 sudsywolf 54

Valorous Aragorn

You might be onto something with Erebor Record Keeper @Iluvatar 79, I've had him sit in my hand before as well, but it's still a very hard cut for me because he can help with those times where you just don't get what you need in your opening hand, and unlike Mithrandir's...

Mar 06, 2019 sudsywolf 54

Zero Threat Challenge

Thanks man that's really cool. You did pretty well with it I must say - maybe left a couple of threat on the table ;)

I reckon if the stars aligned you might get down to 7 or 8 with this method. Usually one thing or other sets you back. Fickle Sméagol being one of them! 12-14 final...

Mar 02, 2019 Iluvatar 79 12

Toss the Dwarf (550 Score - Hard Difficulty - All Quest)

Awesome! Would love to hear how to go with it, as I can always use that info for adjusting the deck in future.

Really waiting for some more super impactful allies because the deck is very heavy on attachments atm. Chose to axe Ithilien Lookout recently because of cost increase, but...

Feb 21, 2019 sudsywolf 54