My recommended changes to better represent Glorfindel:

Threat cost: 5 Attack: 3 Willpower: 3 Hit Points: 10 (Same as Elrond) Card effects: Block. End +1 Threat

Reasons for recommendations:

As we know in the books Glorfindel was among the strongest of elves to grace the pages of Tolkien’s books. So that begs the question, how the hell do we balance him in the game?

What we know from the books is that the main reason Glorfindel did not join the fellowship after saving them from the Nazgul is that he would draw the attention of Sauron on a mission which requires great secrecy.

So how to balance that in the game? Threat.

Make his initial cost low, but make his presence high.

Give his card the effect of “Block. End: +1 Threat”

This perfectly represents his presence from the canon. If we make his starting cost low, that will allow him to be used in setups. But the trade off is time will be of the essence as his very presence raises your threat. At 5 threat starting cost instead of say 10, that gives you 5 turns before the pressure is on. The “Block” effect being natural, would really represent his sturdiness and resolve in combat I feel.

Whats your thoughts on this? Glorfindel in his current form is rather wimpy I think.

One of the best cards in the game! So versatile and powerful!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you like to waste many rounds to kill one enemy?
  • Do you like to waste resources and actions?
  • Do you like memes?
  • Do you hate winning?
  • Do you like to confuse your coop partner with questionable decisions?

If you answered "yes" to every question, then put 2 copies in every deck you use (no matter the difficulty setting).

The first time I saw this card, I thought nothing of it. Oh, my past self was so dumb. It's a great way to add extra actions to the board and protect the weakest allies. Not only that, but it is a neutral card that you can use to create some interesting combos.

  • Need one extra charge on the fate meter but you can't afford to lose an ally? No problem, charge the fate meter with this beauty and you are gold.

  • A strong villain is causing you trouble but you need two attacks to kill it? Easy, attack with your hero and activate guard. If the villain is about to die from the next hit, he will hesitate because of your guard.

  • Need some interesting combo ideas? How about Mithril Shirt + Enduring Valor on Tom Took (use his power to ignore two consecutive attacks)? Or Aragorn with Enduring Valor + Sword of Númenor to potentially give you 4 resources in one round? Give Spear of the Citadel + Enduring Valor to Dwalin/Dáin/Gimli for many consecutive guard actions.

Bottom line is: this card seems one-dimensional (to new players) until you start to experiment with it. Go nuts!

This card has massively changed/optimized the Spirit sphere. It's a huge buff that not only bolsters Spirit Noldor/Silvan, it works amazingly with Co-op and Stalwart. I look forward to using this on PS4, especially with how much it improves the No Ally Noldor Spirit meta.


The Rhovanion Outrider is a straightforward but useful ally that you can summon at a relatively cheap cost to snipe down annoying Hazards or Objectives that conveniently have 3 . This allows you to focus your heroes on more pressing threats. It's 2-cost Leadership and Lore equivalents appear to be the Helpful Squire and East Road Rider, who I find to be more clunky in getting full value out of.