This card is quite powerful in my opinion. The ability to cheat out expensive allies for 2 resources is very good. However, it is currently held back by 3 things.

The first thing is the words "non unique", meaning, unfortunately, you can't cheat out erkenbrand, or any of the other powerful unique allies. The second is the lack of expensive non unique allies. Currently, there are 2: Warden of Annúminas and Trollshaw Scout. These are both very good, but not amazing.

Finally, this card is level 2, meaning that you must sacrifice a sphere to use it.

However, even after saying all this, i believe that the card is amazingly powerful. It's pretty good now, but with a wider card pool, it could be the centerpiece of an archetype.

The single best card in the game at the moment. Guard is the best keyword in the game. Having it natively is huge, allowing a character to Guard twice. Add block to that and that he smacks for 2 points back means he's doing 4 damage a turn and taking 2 less (also while forcing opponent attacks). Give him +1 or +2 damage with weapons and Erkenbrand becomes even more of a house, doing 6 to 8 damage a turn and taking damage away from your heroes to help with max score.

I love dropping this dork turn 1 with Gaining Strength and watch him own the board.

Erkenbrand is a loser, Just wait till Boromir comes out. Point —

Arwen is the best hero in the game for getting max score, as there isn't a lot of healing in the game at the moment. Her 3 willpower powers fates and her heal is worth 12-18 healing per game. Without her, it's challenging to have your guys healthy enough at the end of game to get the max score on health.


At the moment, as of 9/11/2018, Arwen feels indispensable for getting max score. I'm not saying its impossible, but I think her healing, plus her 3 makes her perfect for the job. She feels like the digital equivalent of spirit Glorfindel.

Now, at current difficulty, I'm not sure that that is a bad thing. Her innate ability allows 275 on hard to feel possible. I've taken Éowyn merely for her 3 , and she offers that with a bonus. At the moment, I think there is no doubt that she is the strongest hero in the game.

I've done a whole campaign of max scores without Arwen. With Faramir for lore access you can get enough healing to end at full health every game. —
@Seastan I'm aware it's possible and people have done it, but arwen makes it almost easy. —