Westfold Outrider

Ally. Cost: 1. 0   2   3  


Arrival: Deal 2 damage to 1 unwounded Enemy

Fellowship Cards #18. Tactics.

Westfold Outrider

The Westfold Outrider is a nifty little tool for gaining board dominance in the early game. For 1 Resource, you get a 3 body that can deal up to 4 damage through its ability and attack. It's very satisfying to bring him in against a ≤2 readied minion. Not only do you do kill the enemy outright, but you also prevent that minion from dealing damage as well. After that, he becomes fairly expendable and can be used to Defend/Guard and save your more important allies some damage. By that point, you should have already squeezed enough value out of this 1 cost Ally. Try to mulligan for it as soon as the first location of a quest.

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