Rhovanion Outrider

Ally. Cost: 2. 2   1   4  


+1 this round vs Objectives at full

...others had climbed the pass at the source of the Gladden River, and had come down into Wilderland and over the Gladden Fields... –The Fellowship of the Ring
Beth Sobel

Core Set #21. Spirit.

Rhovanion Outrider

The Rhovanion Outrider is a straightforward but useful ally that you can summon at a relatively cheap cost to snipe down annoying Hazards or Objectives that conveniently have 3 . This allows you to focus your heroes on more pressing threats. It's 2-cost Leadership and Lore equivalents appear to be the Helpful Squire and East Road Rider, who I find to be more clunky in getting full value out of.

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