Tremendous late-game ally that has all the flexibility to justify including him (along with a copy of Narya) in just about every deck. His base and allows him to 1-shot many enemies and objectives off the bat. More often than not, I find myself using the "deal 3 damage" or "-3 threat reduction" more than the card draw since I prefer immediately affecting the board/game state, but the extra card draw is always there if you needed it.


A rather promising card, maybe one which will see more use in a later stage of the game. As of now, it's a card that's simply not viable due to Gondor being a very niche and underused race currently in game. One day, the Gondor deck meta will be possible.


The Westfold Outrider is a nifty little tool for gaining board dominance in the early game. For 1 Resource, you get a 3 body that can deal up to 4 damage through its ability and attack. It's very satisfying to bring him in against a ≤2 readied minion. Not only do you do kill the enemy outright, but you also prevent that minion from dealing damage as well. After that, he becomes fairly expendable and can be used to Defend/Guard and save your more important allies some damage. By that point, you should have already squeezed enough value out of this 1 cost Ally. Try to mulligan for it as soon as the first location of a quest.


Just got the game and I didn't realized that he used to cost 3 resources. Yikes! Compare that to the Fornost Avenger, which is 3 cost 3 4 (with Surge to boot). 3 cost for Fornost Bowman would have been way too slow.

Now that it's at 2 resources, he seems much more manageable and in line with other 2 cost 2 4 Ranged allies (with just a little bit of setup). I'd typically summon him when there is a guaranteed kill on the board, preferably once all enemy actions are spent to keep him damage free. He doesn't have any , which is completely fine since an ally with 4 and Ranged should always be attacking.


This event is awesome. Especially for multiplayer, if you play some support role (for example Arwen + Éowyn + Glorfindel)

Very strong event which can be use in combo with Forest Snare or Advance Warning to eliminate too strong minions.

For zero resource you can beat some high hp minions and save attacks for unique enemies. So if you play two spirit hero, this is must have choice.